Swastika and Hindu Cowardice


Given here is a series of email exchanges between myself and the local Diwali program organizing committee members. As a volunteer, I was assigned publicity work for the event. I designed a poster for the event that was to be printed and distributed at local businesses. On four corners of the poster I added the official symbols of four Dharma Traditions that celebrate Diwali. Swastika is the official symbol of Jain dharma. Some of the members objected having swastika on the poster, mostly out of fear that it could be misunderstood and cause unnecessary trouble. One member privately supported to keep the symbol, but was too scared to do so openly. Here are the emails where members expressed their objections and I explained my stance. If you are one of the committee members reading this – don’t worry, I have removed all your names. This is just to showcase the level of cowardice we have stooped to and use this opportunity to introspect. Nothing personal. Continue reading