Ghoul of Kolkata – Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Ghoul Of KolKataReading list to know the reality of The Ghoul of Kolkata, ‘Saint’ Mother Teresa, and how international presstitutes have fabricated the persona of this ‘demigoddess’, still worshiped in India by millions of heathens in their blindness.
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Mars Mission, Bullet Train & Povertarianism

Just a short post to highlight the hypocrisy (or deliberate deception) of the self-styled intellectuals. The source of this malady is in the lens of povertarianism used to view India’s ambitious initiatives, whether nuclear projects, space missions, or the recent bullet train. There are some instances when they are reluctant to deploy this lens which gives away their game. For example:
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FAQ: Why Hindus wear dot on forehead (bindi)?


One of the most frequently asked questions is “Why Hindus wear dot on the forehead?”.¬†It is one custom which has been part of tradition that can be traced back to remote antiquity.¬†Anytime a curious non-Indian meets an Indian, this is a question they have always genuinely wanted to know the answer for. It is so common that it has to be on Google suggestions list: Continue reading

U-Turn Theory: A specimen pattern

Some of you may be vaguely familiar with U-Turn Theory by Rajiv Malhotra. Those who are familiar with his works over the years would also know how he exposed in great detail the “academic cartel” which controls the entire supply-chain, from research grants to publication and dissemination. Further, if you had read the paper on University of Hawaii’s Indian Philosophy programs, you would have come across these two interesting pieces of information. In these two cases, we see the pattern where there is a deliberate effort to not disclose Indian influence & contribution in cutting-edge science: Continue reading