The Great History Robbery: The Aryan Hoax

The Great History Robbery

The Great History Robbery

The Aryan Hoax

Aryan Invasion Theory
Definition: A race of horse-riding, Sanskrit-speaking, light-skinned people, originating from somewhere in the Caucuses region, invaded the Indus Valley Civilization in North-West India; massacred & oppressed the native dark-skinned Dravidian race & other aboriginal tribes; imposed caste system on these unfortunate natives; and lived happily ever-after. That is, until the Muslims, Christians & finally the Marxists came to civilize & save all the wretched Injun heathens.

After some serious challenges were raised and this theory became increasingly unsustainable, the eminent historians tried to change it to a less gory Aryan Migration Theory, then later resorted to saying Aryans trickled into the region in small numbers over a long period of time. Rajeev Srinivasan promptly mocked this by calling it Aryan Tourist Theory.

Nomadic Aryans entering India

Nomadic Aryans entering India – The Forenoon of Life – Aryans entering India, 3500 B.C., illustration from Hutchinson’s History of the Nations, c.1910

Arya is a Sanskrit word which basically means a good, wise, kind, honest, honorable person. Arya is an esteem that one earns abiding by such virtues. Person without these qualities will be considered anArya. It is not limited to any particular culture or region. To illustrate the typical usage of the word:

In the Rig Veda, the oldest Veda: kRRiNvanto vishvam Aryam – which calls upon the Arya to make the whole world Arya.
Also, when the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, called his Four Noble Truths as catvAri Arya satyAni

Obviously, the authors were not limiting Arya to any race, region, religion or ethnicity.

This Aryan hoax is one of the most enduring ‘White’ lies, not to be confused with a normal white lie. This is just one of the many lies, nevertheless an important one, that is premised on other supremacist beliefs & assumptions. Like unstable blocks of jenga, these hoaxes are held together only by the collaboration of liars & crooks at all levels in the West and their Indian stooges. Some scholars when they to try claim that this Aryan theory is no longer being taught or taken seriously, they are hoping to avoid critical analysis of closely dependent hoaxes that are still largely unchallenged. People who enjoy the privileges have no reason to rock the boat.

Linguists, racists & looters

Hoaxes & Hegemony

Hoaxes & Hegemony

Nineteenth century linguists used the term Aryan Languages to refer to Sanskrit and related languages, which are classified as part of the Indo-Iranian family, which in turn is part of the larger Indo-European family. There is no such word, Aryan (with the n ending) in Sanskrit. This new term started as just a benign linguistic group identity, which became a racial identity as Race “Science” was developing around the same time. Concurrently, the Dravidian race identity was fabricated and assigned to people now living in the southern states of India. ‘Dravidian’ also started as a linguistic group, to classify Tamil and related south Indian languages into a separate family. Though in reality, Sanskrit and Tamil are more like a conjoined twin, each with different personalities, borrowing, developing, mutually enriching and growing together. Placing them in different, and rival families, combined with their newly acquired hostile racial identities, has done tremendous harm. The linguistic siblings have been turned into enemies.

By fabricating this Aryan ancestor race identity and claiming themselves to be their pure descendants, Europeans have been able to appropriate the significant achievements of various cultures, including India’s, as part of their own heritage. This is a type of cultural loot. People of European descent still continue with the myth-making started by their colonial ancestors, as can be seen in many websites and even YouTube videos, when you search for information about Aryans.

Those who are familiar only with the linguistic categories are largely unaware of these fabricated racist divisions in India, how these divisions are exploited by anti-heathen forces today, and the implications for future. Similar racist divisions with fabricated victimhood narratives, simmering resentments, led to two of the bloodiest civil wars in history: Rwanda and Sri Lanka. From both these cases & other countries that have suffered US interventions, we can see, western governments, churches, academy & big business lobbies work together to create divisions and socio-economic problems that eventually cause mass slaughter of innocents.

In both South India and Rwanda, relations between two local groups were reinterpreted in a racial framework with conspiracy theories and negative stereotyping of one group as cunning and scheming, and the other as a pure and innocent victim. In India, this type of discourse is becoming more elaborate and institutionalized, developing into a hate narrative. … the Dravidian polity has been nurtured for almost a century by the Aryan/Dravidian race theory and the imagery of evil Brahmins. This, in turn, has generated hatred in Tamil society, which receives explicit support from various Western agencies. … The construction of the Brahmin as the racial enemy is found unabashedly in the history textbooks of Tamil Nadu, especially by Christian authors. … EVR even advocated extreme violence against the Brahmins, hinting of ethnic cleansing. … This stereotyping of the Brahmin and repeated assertion that Hinduism is nothing but a construct to enslave Tamils, are being carried out at all levels of Tamil politics, academics and media. Breaking India, pages 197-200

Victimhood mythmaking, Hero Syndrome & Savior Complex

It is claimed that the invading Aryan race of people subjugated the dark-skin native Dravidian race, imposed Sanskrit and Hinduism, and placed them in the ‘low caste’ shudra category of workers. But shudra is not a caste, it is one among the four varna categories, which are universal, and had no derogatory connotations. So, from being a linguistic family, Dravidian became the race of south Indians, and then it has become the race of all Indians who are shudra – workers, laborers, peasants, craftsmen and so forth. With this narrative in place, ‘liberating’ the oppressed became White Man’s Burden along with civilizing the heathen Hindu, and of course Christianity is the solution. The Burden is shared by Marxists who followed the Imperialists, to ‘liberate’ the Dravidian/shudra/workers from the Aryan/upper caste/landlords. Dravidian victims need to be saved from the Aryan oppressor, and liberators are always ready to help. American academy & churches are interested in connecting African slavery experience with the Indian caste groups, which is an insult to real victims as the experiences, emancipation processes & results are entirely different. This Savior Industrial Complex is funded by the American taxpayer and those who still believe they are saving the heathens.

All ancient Hindu sacred stories are reinterpreted using this divisive framework for conferring victimhood to Dravidian/Dalit/Tribal special-interest groups and demonization of Aryan/Bramhins. This provides Atrocity Literature for propaganda which reinforces victimhood status to modern-day politically powerful groups with a fabricated history of oppression spanning more than 2000 years with no improvement ever until the missionaries arrive to ‘liberate’ them in 19th century. Nature of the fabricated victimhood is entirely Semitic in the sense that there is no closure, reconciliation or resolution possible or will ever be considered enough. This causes never-ending self-pity & extreme hatred, with possibility of repeated revenge massacres & genocides, for which heathens will always be conveniently blamed.

Racist narrative of white-skin Aryans, their invasions, conquests, oppression of dark-skin natives, and of their bringing ‘civilization’ to India and elsewhere, is the imaginary product from limited minds of White-Christian colonial scholars. When this Aryan Invasion Theory first originated, it did not (and it still does not) have convincing linguistic, archaeological or anthropological evidence. Criticisms of this theory were ignored as it did not help the colonial project of divide-and-conquer in India, and the construction of Aryan White Supremacist identity in the West. In those days scholars were also greatly handicapped by their own extremely narrow, limited worldview, as dictated by clergy and seemingly rational authorities. After the British quit India, Marxists continue to use this framework as it suits their own agenda, and their divisive politics.

…Indian elements that did not naturally fit into the Bible were either distorted to force them to fit, or simply rejected. For example, [William] Jones used the Biblical time-scales … that God created the world in 4004 BCE, and the flood of Noah had taken place in 2349 BCE. This Bible-centric framework of timescales is what led Max Muller … to establish his dates for the so-called Aryan invasion of India, which influences scholars to this day. … In other words, the legitimacy and relevance of Sanskrit literature was measured based on where and how much it fit incidentally into the Biblical master-narrative. Breaking India, page 43-44

Root Causes

The biblical Hamitic myth is the main inspiration for this idea of classifying people based on skin color, which condemns people with dark skin to perpetual slavery. It seems as though dark skin was intelligently designed as the marker for inherent, incurable inferiority. One might think, theories based on such inhuman, unscientific dogma would by now be wholly discarded and will have no place in our modern-day academy. Sadly, it is not so. Imagine if the schools were to teach young earth creationism, Noah’s flood as verifiable historic facts. Aryan theory is based on these myths, yet it is taught as fact. Any attempt to challenge this hoax and destructive ideologies based on it, is countered by the full might of the academy, by decorated scholars with vested interests and by their presstitute allies in mainstream media.

Aryan, Hamitic and other race categories, created by supposedly rational scholars, have caused enormous suffering, slavery, massacres, genocides & holocausts, and will continue to inflict more, unless challenged and totally discarded. Racial & religious supremacism has influenced, distorted & corrupted almost all areas of study about India & Hinduism. Several discoveries and technological breakthroughs, specifically in archaeology and genetics, have consistently discredited the racist framework, and a major rewriting of History of India is long overdue. This should also correct the dating of significant events and milestones which were arbitrarily assigned based on belief in ‘Creation’ 6000 years ago and Noah’s flood. This change will ripple through into the Histories of other nations and cultures as well.

With that introduction, I want to keep this page as a link-farm for online resources that convincingly debunk this Aryan theory hoax and related ideologies, expose the crooks in the academy and media, and highlight many real scholars whose hard work goes unnoticed. Since I will be updating this page and adding more links to content overtime, I suggest readers to check this page routinely. Also, note that I will not post any links here that support Aryan/Dravidian hoax – so I will reject all comments with such information.

How you can help:

If you have other online resources debunking this hoax with good quality content, please submit them using the comment form below. DO NOT submit links to pseudo-scientific, chauvinistic, utterly idiotic claims found all over the internet (for example: Arctic homeland, ancient aviation, Vedic influence in Andromeda galaxy, some mysterious submerged continent etc and more such nonsense). All information should be independently verifiable based on publicly available data and material evidences.
Take your time to get familiar with the research works listed below.
Send these to teachers, students, researchers and authors. Discuss with them and question their assumptions.
Question everything. Especially if you come across any claims about India or Hinduism. It is most likely corrupted by these long-held hegemonic Biblical assumptions.
If you are a teacher, just be honest with your students. You should inform your students about this racist hoax. Which also means, you should not use Aryan -vs- Dravidian framework to explain the varna classifications, which you cannot explain without properly understanding dharmic metaphysics. If you don’t know any better, you should be open about it. You teach very little about India, mostly all lies. From my personal interactions I can say many teachers are either too lazy, stupid, timid or they just don’t care enough about what happens to heathens on the other side of the planet.

Reading List

I hope to organize this list some day.

Easily, the most important book on this topic and other critical issues that affect the future of India:

Excellent website of Dr. Nicholas Kazanas, Greek, Persian & Sanskrit scholar:

History Carnival monthly posts from this blogger is always a delight. Navigate using tags related to IVC, Archaeology, Linguistics, Sanskrit etc.:

One of the most popular blogs on History of India, and so much more. Wide range of topics, elaborate research, strong opinions and highly charged but very informative debates:

Danino’s works, especially The Lost River, a must read for debunking the Aryan hoax:

Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate, 1999, Koenraad Elst

Problem of doing archaeology with bible in one hand & spade in the other hand:

Just for historic curiosity – exposing colonial Indologists & their agendas. But it is far more important to debunk the scholar’s living today who are even more dangerous, as the ‘civilized’ west has far more destructive weapons today than in 19th century.

Genetic research papers & reports:

Christian Hegemony, Academic Theories, Politics, Wars & Genocides

Invading the Sacred – An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America

California textbook controversy over Hindu history



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