Mars Mission, Bullet Train & Povertarianism

Just a short post to highlight the hypocrisy (or deliberate deception) of the self-styled intellectuals. The source of this malady is in the lens of povertarianism used to view India’s ambitious initiatives, whether nuclear projects, space missions, or the recent bullet train. There are some instances when they are reluctant to deploy this lens which gives away their game. For example:

  • when wealthy Indians fund hostile western universities, or
  • when filthy rich ‘anti-corruption crusaders’ give themselves undeserved pay hikes for accomplishing nothing

I had tweeted the above when TCS donated $35 million to Carnegie Mellon. Since that time I had wanted to revisit the racist cartoon published by NYTimes just after India’s successful Mars Mission. Recent povertarian rhetoric about the bullet train between Mumbai & Ahmadabad provided me the nudge to write this post.

Every time India invests in development & defense projects – nuclear, energy, space, & now bullet train – they are irked that India doesn’t need their so-called ‘aid’. They collectively wail about poverty, lack of toilets & human rights. For these povertarianists heathen India must always be dependent on the ChristoCommie do-gooder NGOs for everything from food, education to human rights & true religion. Resurgent, redeveloping India reminds them that they & their White Savior industry is not needed. Their ‘aid’ business to enrich themselves while keeping India poor, sick & ignorant is exposed. Too bad, but you can go watch a movie about your ‘saint’ Teresa & reminisce about those ‘good old days’ – ok?

Now, to get back to that NYTimes cartoon. Here is my modification to show their racist hatred & exasperation which they try to camouflage as concern for the poor.

ISRO Racist Cartoon

Feeding the Crocodiles

Note that when Indians donate generously to their Hinduphobic universities, the profewhores never say “Please use this wealth for rebuilding your own institutions. We already have enough & more from centuries of plunder which we squander away in relentless wars that we instigate & still make billions to enrich our top one percent.” But even after centuries of bad experience, if ignorant Indians are foolish enough to Feed the Crocodiles, whose fault is it?



When a crocodile shows you his teeth, a fool thinks he is smiling to have a selfie with you. – Rajiv Malhotra
Read: Stop Feeding the Crocodile: The Ivy League Syndrome 


There is this related concern about whether Indians can fund STEM universities in the West instead of the humanities. My opinion on this is: since the STEM research supports the adharmic surveillance & military industrial complex, I would say no. We can & should fund dharmic institutions in India & abroad, invest in protecting our heritage & providing self-defense training, to merely survive through the ongoing cultural genocide & impending civil war.



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