Digesting Karate :: Digesting Yoga

By now you are probably familiar with the appropriation, distortion and digestion of Indian cultural assets, like yoga, meditation, bharatanatyam into western Synthetic Unity. Here we shall see how similar self-serving justifications are used to appropriate Karate and other martial arts by the cultural aggressor.

This is to warn our Kalari, Marma teachers – they await same fate as Ayurveda & Yoga gurus who failed to study how cultural predator western ideologies digest and destroy heathen civilizations.

To digest or not to digest

Most of the rest of this post will be direct quotes from Christian websites.

While the physical side of martial arts is probably a good form of exercise, and many Christians do participate in martial arts, it may be a dangerous activity to allow the mind to become influenced by the philosophies associated with karate and all other forms of the martial arts.

Source: http://www.gotquestions.org/martial-arts-Christian.html

True spiritual answers are found only in the Bible and not in the practice of any martial art.

Martial arts are often divided into “hard/external” styles and “soft/internal” styles. Generally, the internal/styles are more apt to believe and teach Asian philosophies.
Be wary of a class that emphasizes meditation and breathing exercises.
Avoid instructors who claim to be able to teach “spiritual” principles like chi or ki and “internal powers.”

Source: http://martialartistsforchrist.org/about.asp

… because of its unchris­tian origin (Eastern mysticism), no martial art form should be practiced by Christians. However, an unchristian origin in itself may be insufficient grounds for rejecting the martial arts since this view commits what is known as the “genetic fallacy.” This error assumes that since the origin of a belief or practice was wrong, despite its development, it is still wrong today. …

Tai Chi involves the practice of Taoism. Tai Chi cannot be reconciled with Christianity.

Emphasis added.
Source: http://www.equip.org/article/should-a-christian-practice-the-martial-arts/#christian-books-2

Karate Jesus

This page starts off with a quote from bible, but I don’t think they get the irony:

Most ministers are ignorant of the history and origin the martial arts. We have a tendency in America to think we can clean up or Americanize anything and God will accept it. It is impossible to clean up satan and his demon spirits. Satan is the destroyer. Karate, judo and other fighting arts are still taught and practiced as religion in their own countries. Many Christians try to exclude meditation when they practice. But that’s like breaking off one thorn from the whole bush and leaving the rest. The symbolic rituals, the passed down defensive moves, the uniform, the terminology, the kata forms, are all part of a system of religion on earth that pre-dates our Lord Jesus by about 3000 years.

Christian karate makes about as much sense as Christian pornography, or Christian prostitution, or Christian drug abuse. The Word of God instructs us not to bring the unclean thing into our “home.” It is an abomination. We can change a few words in describing karate, tone it down to make it desirable and acceptable in the public eye; but it still doesn’t change the fact that it is a centuries old form of Eastern religion. Many of the hand and body movements are strikingly similar and often identical to the movements of pagan rituals and dances performed in Asian, Oriental, African and Polynesian temple worship today. Satan is so cunning and deceiving. He slips in under our ignorant noses and roots himself deeply in our culture and even in our churches; and after he has operated for so long a time, we accept his ways as God’s ways.

It doesn’t take much insight to see that when the karate craze (Mid-to-early 60’s through 70’s) swept our country it was coupled with other satanic assaults. There was a direct attack on the minds of the young people of America. Martial arts came with the rock and roll explosion, the drug revolution, the sexual freedom of choice movement and the rekindled interest in occult phenomena. While you were fighting sex, drugs, acid rock and roll and the occults from your pulpits; karate wedged its way into our society-unseen and unknown by all of the highly trained theological eyes.

A rose by any other name is a rose. You can change its color, but it is still a rose. Karate is a religious killing art. You can change its name, make it socially acceptable, even Americanize it; but it does not change what it is. Remember, it was started by the man who introduced Zen Buddhism to China.

The symbol for many karate schools today is the snake or serpent. The worldwide universal symbol for karate is the dragon. How can a Christian attach himself to anything that openly endorses the dragon symbol? The bible from Genesis to Revelation clearly instructs and commands us to abstain from all appearances of evil.

Source: http://www.hstreasures.com/articles/christiankarate.html
Do remember to revisit the quote at the top of this page.

How to digest

So, how do they reconcile their fear, greed, hatred, ignorance and extreme cognitive dissonance, to justify appropriation? Using the usual canards of “Aryan or biblical origin” claims that has served them amazingly well in plundering heathen cultural assets while keeping the flock from leaving. In this case it is the latter canard – biblical origin. Once they fabricate an association with Aryan or biblical source they are now only “reclaiming” what was always theirs to begin with! The knowledge went away for a while but now it has come back because they are ready for it now. Read on…

Zen meditation provides a false “inner peace” that is at best a counterfeit of the peace only God can give. There is only one source of inner peace – the Holy Spirit. We can choose between the self-control developed by the Holy Spirit, or the self-control of Zen. And with the self-control of Zen, as with any Eastern meditation technique, one could also be opening himself up to demonic activity.

Although some proponents for a “Christian” martial arts do concede that karate has roots in occult, pagan, and/or Eastern religious philosophy, they also claim that the primary philosophy behind the martial arts actually originated in Old Testament Biblical times, even going back all the way to the Garden of Eden! Therefore, according to these advocates, Satan made “inroads” into the true Bible-based martial arts, capturing them for himself, and that all we need to do now is to reclaim them and change them “from an Asiatic philosophy to a truly Bible-centered Christian philosophy”

Source: http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/karate.htm

… some Eastern martial arts have westernized in form, and some have been Christianized in the hands of orthodox Christians who understand the implications of Eastern religion. Every subject, except the occult, must be redeemed in the hands of the redeemed, because every subject and endeavor will bring godly influence to the world, when once it is taken captive to Christ. Therefore, our job is to efface the effect of sin: to redeem the martial arts means removing the pagan and occult elements.

Christians should not practice the associated religious rites of the martial arts. The whole Oriental system rests in the essential oneness of being principle in complete opposition to the faith of Jesus Christ.

The best and final solution will find skillful and wise Christians beginning to re-construct the martial disciplines upon a thoroughly Biblical ground.

Emphasis added.
Source: http://chalcedon.edu/research/articles/martial-arts-and-the-christian/

Further reading, if you care. It is repetitive.

Similar arguments are used to appropriate yoga, various meditation practices, healing methods, bharatanatyam etc. Once sufficiently appropriated they justify: heathens were not using it anyway, and it was always ours, now we have made it better and more accessible. Similar to Doctrine of Discovery for land appropriation, the privileged group comes up with these self-serving justifications for cultural appropriation – in 21st century!

Share this post with the clueless heathen gurus who are selling these wonderful ancient cultural assets to those who are unworthy, who don’t care to know how much our heathen ancestors have suffered to protect these treasures under millennia of Abrahamic slaughter. Allowing these to get digested would mean all their sacrifices were in vain.

Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

On a lighter note, see how they Christianized pagan coffee. Yes. Coffee. For real!

Why, this Satan’s drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it. We shall fool Satan by baptizing it and making it a truly Christian beverage. – Pope Clement VIII

Source: Washington Post

Explore further

Digestion of karate is another example of Rajiv Malhotra’s U-Turn Theory at work. For detailed understanding of digestion by an aggressive cultural predator and other game-changing concepts, please see his Being Different book.


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